Ancient Rome: The Legend of Romulus and Remus

Where did the name Rome come from? It all goes back to a legend about two twins, Romulus and Remus.

What is a legend? It’s an Middle English word meaning “something to be read”. Legends are stories that are gathered and told again and again from the past. They are so old that it’s hard to check if they are based on fact.

The legend of Romulus and Remus tell us the legend of how a city that would rule the world came into existence and how it got its name.

To learn more about how that legend came about watch this short movie about the beginning of Rome.

Now that you’ve heard the story you can click here to download this free printable to draw your version of the “The Legend of Romulus and Remus”. Make sure you put the story in the correct order!

If you would prefer, this is a “fill in the blank” story outline with words to help.

Here are more fun books to read about the story!

Let’s look at another video! This time from Drive Thru History. It’s titled, “Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome – Drive Thru History, Rome Ep1”


We hope you enjoy learning about the legend of how Rome got its name!

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